About Us

Visual Storytellers

Hello, we’re Elise and Gabriel. Our story begins in high school over 10 years ago — we studied together, we lived together and now we do what we love, together.

We started from our humble beginnings as film and photography students at high school, moving onto studying at College of Creative Arts together in the quirky little Wellington, New Zealand. Elise has a Bachelor of Visual Communication Design so she’s really the jack of all trades with the edgy and creative style, and all the big ideas. Gabriel has a Bachelor of Creative media production, and lends himself to being our technical wizard, always finding the coolest gear, and bringing the best processes into what we do.

We’re both film-makers and Photographers, but we also dive into as much creative work as we can fit into our lives together — check out our commercial portfolio!

If you’re wondering what we’re up to when we’re not behind the camera or the screen, we’re probably out exploring Wellington, eating out too often, buying too many plants (maybe just Elise), seeing films (probably more than once a week), or staying up late reminiscing about old stories and listening to Harry Potter Audio Books.

We’re best aligned with folk who don’t take themselves too seriously, are up for an adventure, and aren’t afraid to be a little odd or quirky because those are the kinds of people we love to surround ourselves with, as well as the kinds we love to capture.

Enough about us for now, if you want to tell us about you, head over to our contact page and fill out our form!