About Us

Visual Storytellers

Hello, we’re Elise and Gabriel. Our story begins in high school over 10 years ago — we studied together, we lived together and now we do what we love, together.

We started from our humble beginnings as film and photography students at high school, moving onto studying at College of Creative Arts together in the quirky little Wellington, New Zealand. Elise has a Bachelor of Visual Communication Design so she’s really the jack of all trades with the edgy and creative style, and all the big ideas. Gabriel has a Bachelor of Creative media production, and lends himself to being our technical wizard, always finding the coolest gear, and bringing the best processes into what we do.

We’re both film-makers and Photographers, but we also dive into as much creative work as we can fit into our lives together — check out our commercial portfolio!

If you’re wondering what we’re up to when we’re not behind the camera or the screen, we’re probably out exploring Wellington, eating out too often, buying too many plants (maybe just Elise), seeing films (probably more than once a week), or staying up late reminiscing about old stories and listening to Harry Potter Audio Books.

We’re best aligned with folk who don’t take themselves too seriously, are up for an adventure, and aren’t afraid to be a little odd or quirky because those are the kinds of people we love to surround ourselves with, as well as the kinds we love to capture.

Enough about us for now, if you want to tell us about you, head over to our contact page and fill out our form!


Some questions we often get asked about capturing weddings...

We live in Wellington, New Zealand however we love to travel around the country. We’re not currently planning to travel internationally for any weddings, but feel free to tempt us!

We’re both triple vaccinated so we’re able to operate under all New Zealand alert levels. If you need to postpone your wedding because of restrictions put on events due to New Zealand government covid-19 restrictions we will hold your deposit and when you have a new date in mind (if we are available) we will shift the date. If you decide to cancel your wedding your deposit is non-refundable. 

If you’re getting married within a 100km radius of the Wellington CBD then there’s no travel costs, you’ll only pay for your Wedding Package. Anywhere further afield we charge 75c per kilometre for mileage if it’s a reasonable driving distance, or the cost to cover return flights for two, and one night accomodation if the timing  doesn’t allow us to get there and back in the same day. For some locations we may also require a rental car if the venue isn’t near a central area. The best thing to do is get in touch with us and let us know your plans and we will go from there!

You do – both you and your partner need to sign the contract before we can proceed with your booking. Contracts are important as they make sure we all know what to expect of each other before, during and after the wedding, and are a good point of reference for any questions or issues that may come up.

We require a 20% deposit to be paid immediately upon booking to secure your date. Deposits are non-refundable in most circumstances – the details are included in our contracts. You’ll pay the rest of your package no later than the day before the wedding, however you can pay this at any time. If you’re covering our travel costs, you’ll also need to pay these upfront so we can book our travel well ahead of time.

An interesting question – In New Zealand, by default the client (you) commissions us to take photos or video at your wedding, and therefore you ‘own’ the photos. However; many photographers and videographers need to use your beautiful photos and videos to show the world what we can do, and so therefore we reserve the right to use the photos and videos we take at your wedding for our business. This usually means we can share them on our website, and our social media channels, and we can also send them to other vendors who made your wedding amazing, so they can show off their work too. We also reserve the rights to all raw photo and video files, and we don’t pass these onto you… don’t worry, you’ll have all the beautiful finished files to treasure!

Where do you come in? You can use the photos and video in any personal context e.g on your social media accounts, emails, print them as many times as you want and put them on show! Sometimes there might be particular photos you’d prefer we didn’t put online, and that’s fine, but we usually would love to share at least one or two of you! 

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions!

Depending on how busy wedding season is at the time, we aim to send you a handful of preview photos the day after your wedding, and then photos are usually delivered within 3 weeks of your wedding day. Videos are delivered within 6 weeks of your wedding day. We deliver our albums via google drive or dropbox, and we’ll give you a sharable link to pass onto your family and friends so they can view and download images and video. 

Of course! And we want to meet you too. If you live in Wellington, we can grab a coffee and chat about your plans, or if you’re further away, we can skype or facetime each other. Many couples even book in an engagement session to get to know us a little better, as choosing the perfect wedding photographer or videographer is a big decision! Our Silver and Gold packages include engagement sessions too, so if you end up booking one of these, we won’t charge you for your session!

We like to meet with everyone at least once before the wedding day. This doesn’t have to be in person, we often skype or facetime, or even just talk on the phone. We prefer to keep in touch via email as it helps us keep track of all your important details, and updates leading up to the wedding. If it’s possible for us to visit the venue with you we are always happy to come along – some couples have even video-called us from the venue to show us around if we’re too far away to visit with you. Basically we want to keep in touch as much as possible as it helps things run as smoothly as possible for both yourselves, and us!